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Tamiya Toyota Hilux Pickup Truck

Tamiya Truck - Toyota Hilux Pickup

Summary: Scale rc is the new craze with hobbyist going for the realism. Here the 1/10 Tamiya Toyota Hilux pickup radio control truck looks just like the real thing. Ladder frame chassis, 3-speed gearbox, 4WD, leaf springs, front guard, aluminum friction dampers, roll bar lights, fog lights, metal-plated wheels, injection molded resin body and more.

You will need to buy separately a 4-channel radio control system, 6-cell stick pack battery, charger and paint.

Scale: 1/10th Scale RC Truck

Motor: Mabuchi / Johnson 540 stock

Transmission: 3-speed manual transmission and 4WD

Body: Toyota Hilux High-Lift Pickup Truck

Est. Top Speed: 15 mph 

Est. Sale Price: $399

Where to Buy: R/C Trucks for Sale from these online stores.

And you can buy the multi-function unit (MFC-02) to add lights, sound and vibration of a V8 engine.

Tamiya Toyota Hilux Pickup Truck with Lights

See large photo below for a better view of the chassis. Not only does the body look real, so does the chassis. 

Tamiya Toyota Hilux Chassis

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Buy today and start your scale rc adventures. Go rock crawling, trail hiking, mud driving or just run up and down your lawn or garage.

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